Disambiguating the term “Health Tourism” related to health and involving some travel

Health Tourism refers to services related to health and involving some travel.
It is a collective term covering services which can be classified under one or more of 8 categories (Segments - see below).

The Health-related Tourism Segments:

  • Medical Tourism
  • Dental Tourism
  • Spa Tourism
  • Wellness Tourism
  • Sports Tourism
  • Culinary Tourism
  • Accessible Tourism
  • Assisted Residential Tourism (Ambient Assisted Living Abroad)

Health Tourism Destinations offering services in all 8 Segments are referred to as ht8 – and can display the corresponding logo.

For the ht8 approach to Segmentation, Integration and Development, see dedicated websites:


Although each Segment is a "member" of the Health Tourism Domain (ecosystem) it (at the same time) maintains its independence and unique identity.
Furthermore, it must be clearly pointed out that the Segments can also be regarded in isolation and outside the context of Health Tourism.
And of course, each Segment tends to have its own national and international Industry Representative Body (and even Bodies).

Pushing the Envelope

...Health Tourism – not just what it is – but what it can be

Health Tourism is a dynamic - ever-evolving - economic sector. In the spirit of “thinking and doing” and “inclusiveness”, we are championing the “pushing of the envelope” when it comes to defining and delimiting the scope (Health Tourism – not just what it is – but what it can be).

Seeing the Whole Picture

Health Tourism is a whole lot more than just Medical Treatment.

It is a contemporary life-style choice – with a remarkably broad choice of complementary things to do.

Health Tourism (and its 8 Segments)

...Definition, Content  and Scope

Some would say it is too late in the day to still be stuck at harping about the definition, content and scope of Health Tourism – and that we should be busy cerebrating about how to push the envelope - “what it should be and can be” (which is what we are doing anyway).

Nevertheless (judging by what we stumble upon and some eMails we receive), there seems to be considerable lingering miscomprehension – and misinterpretation - of the term (even amongst supposedly industry insiders).

And we are not talking about what it should be called (Health Tourism, Health Travel, Global Health – another sore point - see our missive on this issue).


...and by the way

The hitherto commonly used phrase “Health and Wellness Tourism” is dated and belongs to the “discounted past”. This is because “Wellness” is part of “Health” – so using the two words together in a phrase represents superfluous repetition. Besides, Wellness Tourism is a Health Tourism Segment in its own right.

Also, the term “Health Tourism” is associated with - but not synonymous with Medical Tourism (which is also one the Segments – admittedly the one receiving the most attention - from the public, the media, the “scribes” and politicians – see dedicated Essential Summary on Medical Tourism).

The “Definition and Scope" of each Segment is dealt with in dedicated Essential Summaries, at the ht8 Site:






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